Bruister and Associates Tech Lawsuit
Seeking Unpaid Wages for Field Service Workers
The suit also alleges Bruister paid overtime at an artificially low overtime rate
instead of the rate required under federal law.
Workers Victory: Installers, Technicians and Field Trainers Eligible to Join

A group of Bruister and Associates installers (POV and COV), technicians and field
trainers sued Bruister to recover unpaid wages.  

The Court ruled that all installers (POV or COV), technicians and hourly paid field
trainers who worked for Bruister at any time since April 16, 2004 can join the lawsuit.  
Eligible workers must join by June 20, 2008.  

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The lawsuit claims that Bruister required employees to work unrecorded and unpaid
hours before, during and after their shift, including time spent performing the following
  • pre-calling customers
  • planning routes
  • traveling to/from job sites
  • cleaning vans
  • collecting equipment/restocking vans
  • attending meetings
  • completing paperwork
  • taking inventory
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The Court ordered that
all Installers (POV or
COV), Technicians
and hourly paid Field
Trainers who worked
for Bruister at any time
since April 2004 can
join.   You must join by
June 20, 2008.

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